Accommodation in Myanmar


Accommodation in Myanmar can be made to fit most budgets. Prices here are given in US dollars for simplicity, but all hotels will accept Myanmar kyat (the preferred currency depends on the hotel). Here is what you can expect for your money:

Budget accommodation can start from as little as $5 per night, going up to around $40. This may be a simple family-run guest house or small hotel, providing basic rooms and sometimes shared washing facilities. At the bottom end of the budget level, you may not always find air conditioning, 24 hour electricity or hot water; in some remote parts of the country you may be provided with a bucket to wash yourself with, rather than a shower.

There are few hostels in Myanmar of the type you would find in countries such as Thailand, although some are beginning to spring up in Yangon. Regardless, you will likely find friendly groups of like-minded travellers at budget hotels and guest houses in popular spots around the country.

Mid-range accommodation occupies the $40 to $120 price range. Here, you will find something more spacious with generally higher standards, and almost always offering 24 hour electricityair conditioning and your own bathroom.

Luxury accommodation starts at $120 per night, and can go up to $400 for high-end hotels in Yangon or top tourist spots. These provide the standard high-end facilities you would expect, usually including 24-hour concierge and room service, laundry, and free internet. At the top end, you will find true luxury and style, with beautifully appointed hotels that are match for any in neighbouring countries.

Searching and booking hotels through

Using the search function on the right-hand side of this page, you can find over 500 hotels and guest houses across Myanmar, including their room rates, address, phone, email and website details (where available). You can also book selected hotels online (Mastercard, Visa and direct bank transfer accepted); for selected hotels listings, you will also find photos, a list of customer facilities, and precise Google Maps location. aims to confirm your booking within 48 hours – and our booking staff will be able to provide you with alternatives should your first choice not be available on your travel date. 

We also list hotels that do not offer online booking, which you can contact directly by email, phone or through their website (where available). Please note that most of our selected (online booking) accommodation is in the mid- and luxury range - cheaper accommodation is also listed, but usually does not offer online booking facililities.

Some important notes on accommodation and booking in Myanmar

  • Myanmar is an increasingly popular destination, and there are some accommodation capacity issues. If possible, it is always best to book in advance. Due to the relative shortage of rooms, prices are often higher than other countries in Southeast Asia (particularly in Yangon). Rooms are often more expensive in the high season, from November to February.
  • It is always a good idea to confirm your booking by email or phone a couple of days before your arrival date.
  • We accept credit card payments for all featured hotels on our listings, but many hotels do not accept credit cards; if they do, transactions may be subject to a significant surcharge. Credit and debit cards are gradually becoming more generally usable, however – to find out more, go to banking and credit cards.
  • The internet does not always work consistently in Myanmar; if you contact a hotel directly by email and have not had a reply within 48 hours, try again. If multiple email addresses are provided in our listings, use them all.
  • The same applies to phone lines; lines do not always connect, so many hotels provide several phone numbers.
  • Hotels and guest houses usually include breakfast in their rates, and can often arrange local tours.
  • Mid-range and luxury hotels will often include pick up from airport, train or bus station as part of their service.
  • Homestays are technically illegal in Myanmar – foreigners are only supposed to stay at licensed hotels and guest houses. However, in more remote parts of the country where there are few (or no) hotels, homestays are generally tolerated, and will cost around K2000 to K5000 per night.
  • For the same reason, camping is also illegal. Again, however, you may find that in remote parts of the country the authorities will turn a blind eye – although you will certainly get a lot of attention and you undertake it entirely at your own risk.
  • It is often possible to stay at monasteries, where you will usually sleep on the floor in the main building, and will be provided with bedding and food. Men and women are equally welcome. At most monasteries, you will find a donation box (around K5000 would be an acceptable donation).
  • We endeavor to keep our hotel listings on as up-to-date as possible, but they do not constitute an endorsement, and hotels may close. If you are booking by yourself, it is always advisable to phone or email in advance.
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