Tachileik, located in the infamous Golden Triangle, is a border gateway to the town of Mae Sai in Thailand, and is mainly used by tourists as an access point to get to Kyaing Tong (a car and driver for the four hour journey will cost around USD70 one way, and cycling trips with car escort are also permitted). Take a look at our YouTube video taken on the road between Tachileik and Kyaing Tong.

Many people hop across the border from Thailand to Tachileik for gambling and counterfeit goods, and the primary currency used in Tachileik is Thai baht – although Myanmar kyat and US dollars are also accepted. To find out more about getting in and out of Myanmar over land, go here.

We offer Myanmar country tours that include the Golden Triangle area of Kyaing Tong and Tachileik, including necessary permits - find out more here or email [email protected]

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