Myawaddy is a dusty town on the Thai border, situated in Karen (Kayin) State. What it lacks in character, it makes up for in practiciality and interest; the crossing here currently offers the most convenient over land route between Myanmar and Thailand, being the closest to Mount Kyaiktiyo (the Golden Rock), Hpa AnMawlamyine and Yangon.

The road which connects Myawaddy with the rest of Myanmar and passes through the beautiful Dawna mountain range is open and easy to travel.

The town of Myawaddy itself is centred around its main road, which runs east-west; it is a direct continuation of the border road that crosses the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge leading to Mae Sot (the Thai town can be found 5 kilometres from the other side of the border). Motorbike taxis are easy to find on both sides of the border. 

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As with so many towns in Myanmar, Myawaddy has a lively market and pagoda at its centre; both are located close to the main road on its north side and are worth a wander around if you have some spare time. There are a number ATMs dotted around the centre of town, including a KBZ Bank near the border crossing point. 

Check out our YouTube video of the Myanmar-Thailand border at Myawaddy-Mae Sot and, for a wider selection of photos from Myawaddy and the Dawna mountain range, go to our Flickr photo set.

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