Myanmar Travel Blog

November 09, 2018
Heading east from Inle Lake or Kalaw, as you ascend the sharply winding road to Taunggyi, you can’t miss the sign for... more
October 19, 2018
Several hours before dawn, the bus dropped Ben and I at the T-junction which serves as the centre of Gwa, a small seaside town in southern Rakhine State. With a mixture of moonlight and head torch, we found... more
August 09, 2018
At 1,200 metres above sea level, Kalaw is sort of a mountain town. Though in short supply of snow-capped peaks or large birds of prey, this hill station is replete with refreshingly cool weather, magnificent viewpoints,... more
July 11, 2018
From May to September Myanmar experiences monsoon season, known locally as the rainy or green season. Beckoned indoors by heavy rains or deterred from venturing outside by looming clouds, tourists tend to lie low during this period. Locals too, get... more
May 21, 2018
After over a half-century of censorship, political turmoil, and being fenced-off to the world, one of Myanmar’s most iconic and historically significant buildings has opened its doors. Now, the Secretariat, a 120-year-old sprawling, red-brick colonial building at the center of... more
November 02, 2017
Something special about Myanmar is its diversity. There’s the great geographical diversity ranging from the snow-capped mountains in northern Kachin State to the wetlands of the Irrawaddy... more