Hkamti (pronounced Kam-tee and sometimes spelt Khamti) is a remote riverside town located in the heart of Nagaland – an area that straddles these parts of the India-Myanmar borders areas. The area around Hkamti is restricted and a permit is required to leave the town.

The main road in Hkamti follows the banks of the Chindwin River and you will find some accommodation options set back from this road; guest houses here are very basic, with simple washing facilities. There are no taxis in Hkamti; finding transport involves hailing a car or motorbike and negotiating a fee. It can get cold in this area of northern Myanmar, particularly at night – make sure to pack warm clothes!

The Naga New Year Festival takes place in mid-January in the Hkamti region. For exact dates and full Myanmar festival listings, go to our festivals calendar

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