Electricity and shortages


Though it has improved markedly in Yangon, electricity supply in much of Myanmar is unreliable; black-outs can occur regularly, particularly in rural areas. It is therefore advisable to have a torch for the occasional drops into darkness, particularly if you are staying in budget accommodation.

Electrical outlet in Myanmar is 220-240 Volts, and electrical sockets tend to be one of the two European standard types: the ‘Type C’ Europlug and the ‘Type E’/‘Type F’ Schuko; some sockets take multiple plug types. It is advisable to take a universal adaptor that fits a variety of socket types.

Most mid-range and luxury hotels have generators for back-up electricity, which is available 24 hours a day. Budget hotels, rural hotels and restaurants may have a generator that is used at selected times - usually in the early evening. It is not uncommon for hotels in remote areas to have electricity only 12 hours a day.