Myanmar Travel Blog

June 13, 2015
A dish which can be found on every menu is Hin; this is what curries are called in Myanmar. All dishes which include the word hin are curry based. Burmese curries are only moderately spiced, they are mostly prepared in the morning and are sold all day long. Due to the long cooking, an oil skin will develop... more
February 15, 2015
In a foreign country, food becomes an adventure. In excitement, I will often google until my fingers are raw just to find a restaurent to get a taste of the “Nepalese-Thai-Italian” restaurant just around the corner. The Myanmar case is different. We don’t have a Burmese restaurant nearby, so we’ll just have... more
December 22, 2014
Remote and mountainous Chin state has a complex history that tells a great tale. According to locals in Falam, the history of the twelve clans that surrounded the old capital has always been retained orally, through songs. In a feat of human memory, each clan... more
November 12, 2014
If your idea of fun involves a blurry riot of colour and explosions, look no further than the Taunngyi Fire Balloon Festival, which takes place in the culturally diverse capital of Shan State over several days every November. This celebration is held around... more
September 14, 2014
Taungbyone Festival is Myanmar’s answer to Gay Pride, a rickety country fair, a Pentecostal church and Glastonbury Festival all combined and turned up to 11. Make no mistake,... more
August 10, 2014
We found the idea of a four-day cruise in the warm, sunny and isolated Myeik Archipelago – visited by so few tourists – immediately appealing, and put it at the top of our list of things to do on our four-week stay in Myanmar. Only a limited... more