Myanmar Travel Blog

March 20, 2014
The BBC’s hugely popular tv show Top Gear regularly does ‘country specials’ – adventures where the cantankerous middle-aged (yet frequently juvenile) hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May go on an epic road trip through a far-off and exotic land. The last few weeks have seen Myanmar get the... more
February 19, 2014
In Myanmar, “shwe” means gold and you don’t have to be here long to see that the country really lives up to its reputation as the “Golden Land”. The landscape of Myanmar is dotted with pagodas and stupas that are sure to dazzle you, but with so many around, choosing which ones to visit can be a challenge. To... more
January 26, 2014
Nature and wildlife tourism in Myanmar is still in its infancy. Wildlife reserves in Myanmar are generally under-developed and difficult to reach, meaning that few tourists make the effort to visit them. Meinmahla Kyun (Meinmahla Island) in the Ayeyarwaddy (Irrawaddy) Delta Region, however, provides an... more
December 21, 2013
Tourism high season in Myanmar is in full swing, and once again this year tourist infrastructure in the major destinations is straining. Independent travellers looking to escape the stumbling crowds of elderly European tour groups and the price gouging of the big four destinations are looking for off-the-... more
December 03, 2013
As a country barely touched by tourism until recently, Myanmar is an ideal place for “discovery” and this includes the uncovering of virtually untouched beaches. In this article we highlight the three most popular – but don’t worry, there’s plenty of space for everyone. Yet to be known on an international... more
October 18, 2013
Nowadays, most of the stuff we buy is mass produced, the focus is on cost and quality is a secondary consideration. Therefore, one of the beauties of Myanmar is that, as a result of having a limited access to modern techniques and technologies, most products are made using using traditional methods and... more